Being Prepared for Major Disruptions

In reality, organisations are expected to be able to keep providing services even after major disruptive events like severe storms, major electricity outages, wildfires or earthquakes. 

Being Prepared for Major Disruptions illustration.svg

Being able to act quickly is often the key to keeping services running.

This means each part of the organisation knowing what it should do and being prepared to act immediately. This can seldom be achieved with elaborate plans. 

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We help your organisation to:

  • Work out what it should do in response to major disruptions 
  • Have each part be prepared to act 
  • Have key parts respond immediately to keep services running or restore services 
  • Look after its people following disruptions 
  • Use its executive group to manage retaining and restoring services 

We do this by enabling prior agreement about what is important, having quick action lists for unit managers to use and providing realistic scenarios and exercises to help your teams be prepared by practising. 


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