20 Mar 2018

Breakthrough coaching solves work challenges

Rather than providing solutions, transformational coaches help us understand ourselves and our teams better and find creative ways to solve challenges.

Let's take a quick look at some of the things an effective business coach does.

Building trust and confidence 

The right coach will develop rapport early on and build a strong relationship based on respect and trust. This includes perceptive listening and asking some in-depth questions.

Increasing self-awareness 

By asking the right questions, skilled coaches help you and your team understand where your strengths lie and what needs to be worked on.

For example, new start-up businesses often develop speed wobbles and lose sight of what is most important to focus on. A business coach with the right experience helps you make smarter decisions for speedier progress towards your goals.

Unlocking hidden strengths and abilities  

Working with teams and individuals using a strengths based approach brings out hidden talents and abilities. Combining such talents give teams a more rounded set of skills to perform at a higher level.

Encouraging breakthrough thinking 

We encourage our clients to wear different hats. For example, wearing a customer hat helps you understand what is most important to your clients.

Asking different questions and taking different perspectives seeds new ideas and real solutions. For example, seek out the opinions of others outside our comfort zones.

Story telling plays an important role inspiring individuals to see what is possible, especially when you can relate to the stories being told, such as how other individuals and teams have overcome real challenges.

Removing roadblocks 

Rather than focusing on problems, the right coach helps you to view challenges in a different light and turn them into opportunities. Sometimes it is just a case of breaking a gigantic iceberg into smaller blocks of ice that you can easily navigate through.

Enhancing working relationships 

A skilful coach will help you spot and build on different working styles within your team. Understanding where each individual is coming from enables the whole team to perform better - sometimes spectacularly better!

Adapting organisational culture 

Change is a constant in our working lives. Softer skills like shared values, emotional intelligence and change resilience need to be nurtured alongside harder elements like the company's strategy, structure and systems.

Skilful coaches look beneath the surface to make sure the culture and values fit with where the organisation needs to head.

So the next time you get stuck with tricky challenges think about bringing in a transformational business coach to help you with turning things around.


Mary Somervell

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