08 Jan 2021

Five tips for starting afresh in 2021

Starting a new year is the perfect opportunity to hit refresh and begin anew. 

Unfortunately, New Year resolutions can get sideswiped by busy schedules as we slip back into old habits and routines. 

The interesting thing is it’s never too late to make a fresh start. Every morning, every moment is a chance for a new beginning.

Here’s five 'kick starter' techniques that have worked for me.

Choosing a year theme – My theme for 2021 is simplicity. It encourages a less-is-better perspective, appreciating small things like words of encouragement from a friend, reading a book, watching a beautiful sunset or enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal. 

Clearing the decks – Tidying our physical environment clears our heads and lifts our spirits. Recently I removed physical files and folders that no longer served a useful purpose for easier access to helpful books and resources.

Acknowledging the past – Give yourself some reflection time after a challenging year. You may have experienced a financial setback, a job that did not work out or, after completing a successful project, may be wondering what's next. Coming to terms with what happened, and what you learned, is an important step towards envisioning a better future.  

Trying new experiences - A change of lifestyle can be the catalyst for meeting new people, restoring your wellbeing, enrolling in a course or rediscovering a favourite pastime. 

Leaving space for serendipity – Alongside well-intentioned plans and goals, stay open to new people, new ideas and possibilities. It could be a chance encounter with a new person, or responding to an unexpected opportunity that leads you in different direction. 

May your year ahead be filled with positive experiences, successful endeavours and fun social gatherings. 


Mary Somervell

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