17 Dec 2018

Glass Half Full - Get Set for Year Ahead

A holiday break is the perfect time to sit back and reflect on the year gone by.

Glass Half Full 

Before setting ambitious New Year goals let's take a glass half full view of what has worked well this year. What were the highlights of 2018?  

You don’t need to write a lot – a few bullet points or memory joggers as reminders. 

What were the things you got excited about? New people you met, things you are grateful for, goals you accomplished, experiences that challenged you, new skills you learned, people you enjoyed spending time with, ways you gave back, things that inspired you and activities you really enjoyed.

Sharpen the Saw

Steven Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective People) talks about sharpening the saw. He tells the story of the wood cutter who could not understand why he was cutting down less trees each day despite the same amount of effort. The answer - he didn’t allow time to stop and sharpen his saw.  

Using Covey’s analogy, you learn from things that did not work so well – activities you did not enjoy, goals you abandoned, things that made you feel disappointed or people who let you down.

To lead a purposeful and productive life we need to take time to relax and get a fresh perspective. This helps us learn and grow. Otherwise we lose sight of what’s important and are less effective.

Good Things take Time 

Patience is not my strong point. However, after moving to a new location over two years ago, I knew it would take time to establish new friendships and work contacts. This year I can look back on some real progress with deeper personal friendships and stronger business ties.  

Often our biggest achievements come from challenging times. After the event we can look back and take credit for persevering through an unexpected setback or achieving a big milestone that initially seemed out of reach. 

After a busy year give yourself time to appreciate those small steps towards big scary goals and what you are grateful for. A glass half full attitude sheds light on the things that energised you and made life more enjoyable and rewarding. 

Then you can use those valuable insights to set New Year goals that will bring you peace, happiness and fulfilment for 2019. 

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Mary Somervell

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