About the Author


Mary Somervell is a transition guide, blogger and outdoor adventurer.

Mary has always loved being active outdoors, especially on the water, and doing different activities like scuba diving, sea kayaking, motorbike riding and sailing. 

Mary founded AWOL (Adventurous Women on the Loose) to share her passion for being active outdoors with other women. Including AWOL, she has organised over 70 different outdoor adventures around New Zealand.



Her independent and adventurous life has followed an unconventional path filled with changes and transitions. This sparked her interest in living an authentic and adventurous later life, and helping others with personal and professional midlife transitions.  

She now lives in Nelson, New Zealand, after living in other parts of New Zealand, Australia, the USA and the UK.

Earlier she travelled extensively in Australia and the USA., completed two degrees as an adult student while working part-time, and worked in senior marketing and human resources roles before founding InsideOutWorks, a business consultancy, and InsideOutAdventures, which organised New Zealand study tours and tailored travel experiences.

Through InsideOutWorks, Mary and her partner, Steve Vaughan, offer transition guidance and risk management consulting services. 

Going AWOL – Inspiration and Insights from Adventurous Women on the Loose is Mary’s first published work. 

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