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Are you ready to be more adventurous and to bring more happiness and fulfilment into your life?

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In Going AWOL - Inspiration and Insights from Adventurous Women On the Loose you will be captivated by the ups and downs of real-life shared experiences of Adventurous Women On the Loose (AWOL) on their challenging and uplifting outdoor adventures around New Zealand. 

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Immerse yourself in tales of courageous women hiking up mountains, across golden sandy beaches and through spectacular native bush, kayaking across a busy harbour, exploring the inner crater of an active volcano, and lots more. 

You too can regain an adventurous spirit, explore new horizons and begin exciting new adventures at any time.

Be inspired by the insights of independent and interesting women at different life stages exploring:

  • what being adventurous means
  • who inspires them
  • how going on adventures changes lives.


Real life adventures lead to personal growth, better work life integration and successful transitions. 

The author shows how having a 'can-do' attitude and supporting one another on challenging new adventures contribute to successful transitions, and living an authentic and purposeful later life. 

Discover how being more courageous, choosing your own adventures and trying new experiences rebuild confidence to deal with life’s challenges and uncertainties. 

Free Resources in Going AWOL Book: AWOL Group Guide and Twenty Favourite New Zealand Adventures. 

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About the Author 
Mary Somervell is a transition guide, blogger and outdoor adventurer who lives in Nelson, New Zealand.  Mary founded AWOL (Adventurous Women on the Loose) to share her passion for being active outdoors with other women. Including AWOL, she has organised over 70 different adventures around New Zealand.

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