Dealing with Procurement Uncertainty

When you purchase goods or services there is bound to be some uncertainty and ambiguity. Good procurement builds in all the things you need to manage those uncertainties.

We help your procurement work better by providing expert on call advice to: 

  • Enable you to define what you want to buy 
  • Make sure you reach relevant suppliers to get the best result at a fair price 
  • Put in place effective and fair contracts.

This means contracts which: 

  • Make sure you are clear about who does what 
  • Comply with legislation, including health and safety law 
  • Assign liability fairly between contractor and supplier(s)
  • Include what to do if uncertainties actually happen
  • Make fair payments based on what is really delivered 
  • Have the right level of contract supervision so both parties can be confident of the results 
  • Enable learning from the contracting process for better results next time 

Here are some more tips for purchasers on being SMART about procurement

We offer tailored workshops so managers understand what they need to do to effectively purchase design, construction and any other outsourced services. 

We also assist with working out how uncertainties should be shared between purchaser and supplier.

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