Managing Threats and Opportunities

All organisations face some level of uncertainty which means finding and acting on threats and opportunities.

Everything from ‘freedom camping’ tourists to increasing demand to know where food and other products come from, to increasing storms, wildfires and other hazards from climate change can both threaten and present opportunities for businesses and governments.

A lot of effort can go on working out risks, sometimes missing a few, and more time and money deciding what to do to take advantage of opportunities or mitigate threats. 

We can help your organisation to set up clear systems and processes specific to your situation to find and act on the most significant threats and opportunities. 

Knowing your risks starts with being clear about your objectives

At InsideOutWorks we provide the tools and processes to help your organisation find the threats and opportunities coming at it, decide which ones really matter and prepare for them. 

We work with your organisation to: 

  • Help define in a specific and measurable way your organisation’s objectives for managing risk 
  • Develop a specific measurement scale for your organisation to objectively decide which uncertainties are worth acting on 
  • Provide tools and techniques to identify uncertainties - including facilitating workshops to unlock in-house knowledge and make it useful 
  • Decide on actions to respond to threats and opportunities so your organisation can achieve more of what it needs sooner
  • Advise your executive decision makers and governance board on dealing with uncertainties. 
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