Navigating through Major Transitions

What a year it has been for change and disruptions!

Change and upheaval can happen at any time - a job loss, a health setback, a relocation or a change in relationship status. Sometimes it seems like one change after another. 

We are seeing more frequent transitions between careers and lifestyles as the nature of work changes, personal circumstances change,  and our attitudes to life and work adapt to these changes.  

How have you changed in the past year? What would you like to do differently? Who inspires you?

Stories shape and inspire us. We can reimagine and rewrite the story of our lives at any time.

The stories we tell ourselves impact on how we respond to challenges, the choices we make and our overall wellbeing. We can choose to change the narrative at any time.

Are you ready to rediscover meaning and purpose for a more fulfilling and productive life?

You don't have to go it alone. Working with a transition adviser and mentor can make a huge difference for overcoming self-limiting beliefs or habits that stop you becoming the best you can be at work and in life.

We walk alongside helping you navigate through major work and life transitions. This can be:

  • starting a new business venture or pursuing a new career direction
  • finding meaning and purpose for leading a more authentic life
  • transitioning to your next life stage - a return to work or a life beyond fulltime paid work 

Here are 12 tips for dealing with change and transitions. 

We help you develop the confidence and skills to make changes for the life you want. We work at your pace until you are ready to go it alone.

Mary calls on extensive HR and marketing experience, in depth qualitative research and personal experience to advise her clients. 

Get in touch now  to find out more about how we can help you recalibrate and transition towards better work and life choices.

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Mary's considerable business and consultancy experience has been extremely helpful in expediting my new start-up business. Her professionalism, up to date advice, helpful tips and traps to avoid have been invaluable. Her outstanding attention to detail and timely follow up led me to achieve many business objectives, much earlier than anticipated.

Kaye Dennison

Thanks to Mary, my life experiences have expanded beyond anything I could ever have imagined and I know the world really is my oyster! I have been gently coaxed beyond my comfort zone in an environment of support, encouragement, enjoyment and camaraderie. Mary has the qualities and skills to assist clients in many aspects of their lives, be it career transitioning, work life balance, achieving personal and professional goals or expanding one's horizons.

Gael Gordon

Mary is without doubt a coach who will help you produce outstanding results in your life. Her positive energy and belief in her clients is truly inspirational. She has great talent, experience and wisdom. She also has a passion to help people unlock their true potential. She could well be the key to you achieving the goals and dreams you've been hoping for.

Ed Lester

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