Transitions for Authentic Adventurous Lives

What matters most now? 

Many of us are grappling with continuous change and uncertainty, juggling work and life demands full of risks and opportunities. 

When we adopt an adventurous approach with a curious mind, we conquer uncertainties and fear of failure.  coach-and-walk-lg.svg

Real life adventures enrich lives, build confidence and strengthen resilience for successful transitions. New opportunities open up as we move towards a better life.

Being active outdoors boosts our energy levels and restores our body, mind and spirit to its natural state.  

Embracing a less is more perspective helps us focus on what is most important right now. 

* Are you ready to rediscover meaning and purpose for a more fulfilling and productive life?

* What would you be willing to risk to live a more adventurous life?

* Are you willing to invest time and effort into growing and giving for a better future?

Working with a transition guide helps address self-limiting beliefs or habits holding us back. Develop the confidence and skills to make the changes you want for a better life. 

Get in touch now if you are ready to recalibrate towards a more adventurous and authentic life.

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Mary is an exceptional person who has successfully conquered many of the challenges and transitions she has set for herself with enthusiasm and an open attitude. She has a warm and inspiring personality and encourages the best from those around her. Mary's combination of business success and personal life experience make her a uniquely effective coach and mentor for any type of venture or transition. I first met Mary when she was a client of mine and I have watched her continuing achievements and accomplishments with admiration ever since.

Belinda Rowles

Mary is passionate about our great outdoors. She combines coaching and walking for fresh perspectives in stimulating surroundings. She builds rapport easily spending time getting to know your motivations, strengths and interests. You can rely on her to give honest feedback. She is positive and enthusiastic about helping others succeed.

Marie Dyhrberg QC

Thanks to Mary, my life experiences have expanded beyond anything I could ever have imagined and I know the world really is my oyster! I have been gently coaxed beyond my comfort zone in an environment of support, encouragement, enjoyment and camaraderie. Mary has the qualities and skills to assist clients in many aspects of their lives, be it career transitioning, work life balance, achieving personal and professional goals or expanding one's horizons.

Gael Gordon

Mary is without doubt a coach who will help you produce outstanding results in your life. Her positive energy and belief in her clients is truly inspirational. She has great talent, experience and wisdom. She also has a passion to help people unlock their true potential. She could well be the key to you achieving the goals and dreams you've been hoping for.

Ed Lester

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