For over 25 years I have been helping organisations solve business challenges

I bring a rich and rewarding mix of HR, marketing and people development expertise from working across sectors including health, education, professional services and SMEs.

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today is having a sustainable workforce.

My focus is on solving business challenges including becoming more age inclusive, finding better ways to re-engage skilled workers and supporting individuals through major career and life transitions.

You will find me easy to deal with. I tend to look on the brighter side of life but understand this is hard to do when unexpected events happen. I delight in helping others get the best out of work and life. My style is easy going, knowledgeable and supportive. 

Sunny Nelson is a great base for shared outdoor adventures. I enjoy cycling and walking - and paddling when it’s warmer.  I also get a lot back from being a Big Brothers Big Sisters mentor.

If you would like find out more get in touch.

Enjoy your day