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Mary Somervell

An adventurous spirit excited for the next adventure 

Mary thrives on new adventures and learning new things. She loves spending time outdoors in blue and green spaces.

As a published author and frequent blogger, Mary shares inspirational stories about living well, connecting with nature, and redefining adventures.

Her second book, A Poetic Journey through Aotearoa - Unforgettable Images of New Zealand and the Pacific, is a collaborative effort with Steve Vaughan. The book shines a light on Steve’s beautiful landscape and nature photography partnered with Mary’s lively poems. 

Mary revels in the outdoors making the most of New Zealand’s natural environment. She self-published a book about her adventures  Going AWOL – Inspiration and Insights from Adventurous Women On the Loose to inspire others to make the most of our great outdoors.

Reach out and connect with Mary if you are interested in mindful living, supporting one another and sharing wisdom across generations.

Steve Vaughan

Landscape Photographer, Photography Coach, and Freelance Editor

Steve has used his understanding of New Zealand’s landscape to become a recognised landscape photographer, who also coaches in landscape photography. He has also built from his experience as a policy manager to help writers ‘stand in their readers’ shoes’ so their message is better understood. 

Steve's striking images feature in A Poetic Journey through Aotearoa New Zealand; they capture the essence of New Zealand and the Pacific and will inspire you to spend more time here. 

His coaching and editing of images help photographers to go ‘beyond the shutter button’ to use photographs to convey their personal vision.

Get in touch with Steve now by phone or email.