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Mary Somervell 

Mary walks the talk as a transition mentor and coach helping individuals recalibrate and respond to major changes at work and in life. Every individual is different. She helps you to rediscover meaning and purpose and how to make a difference in mid-life and beyond.

She offers a fresh perspective, using narrative coaching techniques to understand your unique stories and choices you can make, together with insights from health and lifestyle surveys of individuals from all walks of life across the South and North Islands. 

She in interested in intergenerational collaboration and offers real insights for organisations to be more age diverse and inclusive.

Mary’s working life has included a rich and rewarding mix of HR, marketing and people development projects in health, education, research, housing and professional services mainly in Wellington and Auckland as well as stints working in New York and Sydney.

She enjoys sharing fun adventures making the most of Nelson’s spectacular surroundings – walking, cycling, kayaking or just chilling out at a vineyard cafe. She also gets a lot out of being a Big Brothers Big Sisters mentor.

Her style is easy going, knowledgeable and supportive. 

She is just a call away so get in touch now. 

Steve Vaughan

Steve rejoined InsideoutWorks in 2020 after some time working in local government.    

Steve has solid and extensive expertise to help your organisation manage uncertainties and get the best value from threats and opportunities. 

This includes: 

• better decision-making capability for reducing threats and seizing opportunities 

• managing uncertainties in procuring goods and services 

• developing practical steps and real-life testing so your organisation can keep operating and restart critical services when major disruptions occur (like earthquakes, power failures and storms) 

He is also highly experienced in the management of hazardous substances and in environmental policy. 

Steve brings considerable experience in setting up and managing contracts for purchasing goods and services. He is also expert in setting up the best tools and techniques for managing organisational risks. 

He has worked on developing and applying risk management techniques for diverse clients and complex projects such as irrigation schemes, managing former landfill sites, flooding, onshore oil well development, and contracting facilities for high risk high value events like music festivals.

Steve is a qualified chemical engineer who previously worked in engineering development research. He also has an extensive background in policy development, new legislation and regulation dealing with complex risks, especially chemicals management and the environment.  

Steve has a wealth of experience as a facilitator, workshop developer and presenter. This includes practical workshops on contracting and risk management skills for managers and for resolving complex technical issues. 

He is a founder and current member of RiskNZ and continues to contribute to the development of international risk management standards.  

Get in touch with Steve now by phone or email.