A Poetic Journey Book

A Poetic Journey through Aotearoa 

- Unforgettable Images of New Zealand and the Pacific

Poems by Mary Somervell and Images by Steven Vaughan 

Embark on a poetic journey through Aotearoa New Zealand from the upper North Island to the lower South Island and Stewart Island and catch a glimpse of the Pacific Islands. 

Lively poems are paired with striking landscape and wildlife images and made more whole by the encounter. 

Each poem is a story that breathes life into an image, the experience of being there, and moments of reflection that bring us in touch with the place, its people and its history.

The images and ideas reflect a deeper connection to the natural world, an interconnectedness with all living things, and the stories of our ancestors.

Discover a different world and a fresh perspective of Aotearoa’s wonders and hidden gems.

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