Stay Engaged

Our working age population is maturing fast. Skill shortages are increasing in education, healthcare, engineering and hospitality to name a few.

Both individuals and businesses need to unlock the productive potential of mature workers.

Companies which develop age-friendly workplaces and build sustainable workforces will have a competitive advantage.

Using a combination of workshops, consulting and coaching services we help you:

  • identify the challenges and opportunities of an ageing workforce
  • gain insights on what matters most for re-engaging mature workers
  • smooth transitions at critical career points including towards next life stage
  • develop age friendly initiatives including flexible working arrangements
  • foster inter-generational collaboration and facilitate knowledge transfer

Mary is an Associate at Partners in Change, a trans-Tasman consultancy using innovative techniques to solve age and work challenges. These services will be provided through Mary’s association with Partners in Change.

Get in touch with Mary to find out more about ways we can help with age and work challenges.

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Mary facilitated the strategic planning process at Multi Serve. She is professional and organised and an exceptionally capable facilitator keeping us on track and focused. With her relaxed style and strong interpersonal skills, she was effective working at all levels from Board level down. This was followed by comprehensive market research and development of a marketing plan.

Barbara Taylor

Mary is great to work with! She is an effective communicator who puts effort into ensuring clients are kept informed. She is a details person, who also sees the big picture and is flexible at managing risks and the occasional hurdle with skill, discretion and a ‘minimum of noise’. She resolves issues by showing a different perspective.

Shireen Nanayakkara

The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.

Aldoux Huxley