27 Oct 2022

Finding stability in times of uncertainty

How can we stay centred and grounded when all around us appears to be in turmoil?

With so much uncertainty, nothing stays the same. 

We may have put the worst of the pandemic behind us, yet the scars remain. The Russian invasion of Ukraine, rising inflation, labour shortages, disrupted supply chains and hybrid working – all these and more are having an impact on individuals, and putting pressure on our relationships, at work and home.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own struggles we lose our way, and it’s hard to see the bigger picture.  

I am inspired by the stability of lighthouses, perched in precarious places, surrounded by unpredictable seas, guiding ships and boats in all kinds of weather. 

Their beams shine outwards in all directions, traversing 360 degrees. 

We too can look outwards. This helps us to put things in perspective, remembering we are part of a much bigger universe with our shared humanity, connected to nature, all creatures, the moon and stars. We are all here for a reason and can make a difference; it’s up to us to choose how.  

We can also shine our light inwards. 

Often the solution to the challenges we face lies within, if we are gentle with ourselves and others, listening to different perspectives and reflecting on what is really going on. Allowing emotions to surface is the beginning of understanding how to deal with our fears and uncertainty. 

Life no longer follows a predictable linear pattern. 

We too can weather the storms, accepting the ups and downs with the changing tides, looking in different directions, gaining fresh perspectives, and staying grounded to our core values. 


Mary Somervell

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