19 May 2024

The Best is Yet to Come

To press ‘Publish’ after all the steps leading up to that moment–writing a draft manuscript, editing and proof reading, book designing and formatting for print and e-book–is a joyful thing.

To dive into post publishing blues a short time later comes as a shock, even when you’ve been there before. Sometimes our own expectations exceed reality, and sometimes what others expect is unrealistic. 

After devoting so much time and energy to complete the book publishing marathon, what next?

In the weeks after ‘A Poetic Journey through Aotearoa’ was released on Amazon, it was #1 new release in General Australia and South Pacific Travel and #1 new release in Australasian and Oceanian Poetry. Who knew that category even existed? 

We are very appreciative of early book readers and reviewers.

To be a successful author, you need to spend months promoting your book. This includes having an author website, getting book reviews, being visible and authentic on social media, using book discounting sites, and showing up for book promotional tours.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it! 

Like many other authors, there is a limit to how much time and energy I am prepared to put into promotion. To put it bluntly, my primary goal is not to be a 'successful' author. Completing our joint project that showcases Steve’s photographs paired with my poems has been a labour of love, and an achievement on its own. 

Now that our second book is out there in the book universe, I am creating space for reflection, spending more time in nature, and doing the things that make life worth living.

The best is yet to come, and I am excited for my next adventure beyond being a writer. 


Mary Somervell

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