06 Jan 2022

Living Lightly and Letting Go in 2022

It’s very tempting to set New Year resolutions with aspirational goals for what we want to achieve.  

Resolutions are often about fixing things, like eating less or exercising more. Intentions are about changing things, and understanding at a deeper level why we want to change.  

Resolutions can be an all or nothing ‘win-lose’ game. Setting ourselves up for failure when we do not live up to our lofty goals.  

Intentions allow some wriggle room, so we can come back to them. When we go off course, with a little redirection we can start over again, and make progress day by day.   

2022 is my year for Living Lightly 

- Letting go of things, of mindsets and identities that no longer fit the life I want to lead 

- Accepting what cannot be changed, and working on what can be improved

- Welcoming in new possibilities and serendipity alongside stretch challenges, like getting my Going AWOL book published

- Spending more time in nature, tuning into my inner wisdom, and focusing on what I love to do

- Taking life less seriously, and sprinkling more laughter through my days

- Listening and learning, finding ways to contribute to others in small ways, every day

Living lightly and letting things flow ...  letting go to gain more balance.

Photo credit: Steve Vaughan 


Mary Somervell

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