10 Nov 2020

Nine Qualities of Three Inspirational Young Women

Lately I have been reflecting on the benefits of intergenerational connections and how much we gain from spending time together and learning from one another.

Let me introduce Charlotte, Bea and Miriam (left to right) These three women are living authentic inspirational lives and display nine qualities I admire that we can all learn from. 

Charlotte Japp founded Cirkel in USA in 2018 to bring different age groups together for networking and learning from one another. The concept was born after she struggled to find older and more experienced people to ask how to do things in her first job, and she saw how difficult it was for her parents who lost their jobs in their 50s.

Charlotte’s qualities - humility, compassion for others and learning new things 

Charlotte displays a quiet inner confidence. She has a genuine interest in helping older adults to stay longer in the workforce. She recognised when she needed mentoring support and that was the basis for starting her business. 

Bea Pole-Bokor founded B!Social in Nelson in 2017 after arriving in New Zealand with her husband, a young baby and no job. Bea helps businesses to be more successful by developing a better social media presence. She offers one to one coaching, training and workshops.  Her style is empathetic and engaging to suit the needs of her clients. 

Bea’s qualities – reinventing yourself, having a vision and respect for others 

Bea reinvented herself as a social media consultant after her overseas diplomatic career ended. She has a bold future vision which is still emerging. She shows consideration and respect for others and has an engaging way of bringing people together to share their experiences. She adroitly adapted to Covid-19 moving from in person to online events.

Miriam Lancewood (of no fixed abode) lives a primitive lifestyle. She and Peter, her husband, went off the grid in the South Island for six years. Next they became nomads in Europe. When Peter suffered kidney failure in Australia they returned to New Zealand. Her second book ‘Wild at Heart’ explores deeper topics like mortality, coping with big changes and staying connected with nature.  

Miriam’s qualities – integrity, resilience, and inspiring others

Miriam has a direct and honest way of communicating in person and in print. She shows incredible resilience dealing with physical, mental and emotional challenges. She inspires us to think more deeply about who we are, our relationship with nature and the world around us. 

The nine qualities displayed by these three trail blazing women can inspire us at any age. 

Click on the links below to find out more about their work and publications:  

Charlotte Japp

Bea Pole-Bokor 

Miriam Lancewood - photo on right by Lottie Hedley  


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